Interested In Joining the IBEW?

Learn all about the electrician union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, including their tuition free apprenticeship programs, salary earnings, and application process!

Why become an electrician?

It pays!
Union electricians make an average of $38.20 an hour and have full medical and retirement benefits.
It’s the perfect alternative to college
Instead of paying thousands of dollars to start a career, EARN tens of thousands of dollars to start one!
Electricians are in demand!
There is a shortage of electricians across the country, and contractors are looking for help NOW.

What is the IBEW Aptitude Test?

Learn the aptitude test basics, its importance, and the key to acing it for a successful electrical career!

IBEW Aptitude Test

Ready To Start Studying?

Check out our IBEW Aptitude Test Prep Course, and get started with a FREE timed practice exam!

Union Electrician
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