What is a typical electrician’s salary?

Typically electricians make a straight hourly wage, and are not salaried workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electricians made an average wage of $56,900 in the year of 2020, or an average of $27.36 an hour. However, this doesn’t tell the full story. Undoubtedly this number is brought down by the number of apprentices who are still earning as an electrician, but do not have their license yet. Generally when looking into a new career path you want to find out what you can or will be earning once you get your degree, license, or certification for said career. 

So, I have collected the data of over 150 union locals across the US, with their base hourly pay and benefits for licensed electricians. It turns out if you take the average of all of those, you come out to an average hourly rate of $38.20, or just shy of $80,000 a year. Quite a different figure, and that’s just the average. Some locals pay $80 an hour as the BASE pay, not counting everything that goes into a pension fund or 401k. Click below to find out what your city ranks at!

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