Do electricians do a lot of overtime? Is it required?

This is one of those questions where the real answer is rather annoying. You can ask 10 electricians this question and get 10 different answers, all based on their personal experience. My answer? It depends. It depends on the company you’re with. It depends on the projects you are on. It depends on the city you are in and what’s available. It depends on if you even WANT to do overtime.

I will say this however; if you want to do overtime, it’s not usually difficult to find. And if you don’t want to do it, most companies have no problem allowing you to do your straight 40’s. Construction is one the industries that is always in a state of flux. When it’s booming, it’s booming. Overtime opportunities are everywhere. Work is everywhere. When it’s slow, you’ll have a harder time finding it. Sometimes you may even have a hard time finding 40 hour weeks. This all depends on what city you live in and the state of the industry. If you’re willing to travel however, you can always be where the work is booming and work as much as your heart desires.

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