Starter electrician tool kits

If you are looking to get into the electrical trade, you will want to make sure you get the right tools for the job. The last thing you should do is show up to a job site empty handed, as that’s a sure fire way to be put on cleanup duty for months.

Tool Kits

Check your tool lists

If you are a part of an apprenticeship program, check to see if you have an assigned tool list. If you are in the Electrical Training Alliance (ETA), or Union apprenticeship, this list is generally a minimum and a maximum. Bring exactly what’s on that list, nothing more, nothing less. For those apart of the ABC, IEC, or other apprenticeship, your tool lists are generally minimums. Bring at least that, but the more the better. The great thing about the tool kits I recommend down below is that they are all the standard tools you will need in this trade, and will overlap perfectly with what your tool list regardless of what program you are a part of.

If you are not a part of an apprenticeship program but are still working or about to work in the electrical industry, you will still need to tool up for the job and any of the below tool kits will work wonders.

Tool Brands

When you’re looking into buying hand and power tools the first thing you need to decide on is what brand to go with. Luckily for us electricians, the answer is pretty clear.

Klein for hand tools

Klein tools have been the industry standard for quality hand tools since 1857. They are the only tool manufacturer that specifically tailors their tools for the electrical industry. Every tool, even basic pliers, have added features that help out electricians in the field. Their linemen’s pliers have fish tape grips. Their needle nose pliers combine with wire strippers. Their tape measures have electrical references and charts on the back side.

The majority of their tools are also made in the US and have the upmost quality, for a fair price. You rarely if ever see an electrician that doesn’t own at least some Klein tools.

Milwaukee for power tools

Power tool brands can be very competitive. People absolutely love their brands, and their brands only. However Milwaukee has fought its way to the top of the power tool industry, and they have earned it. Their collection have the upmost quality and largest variety of tools. The tools they do put out are similar to Klein’s’ in that they are very tailored to tradesmen and have special uses that many other brands do not. Milwaukee Tools are also all made in the US.

The other reason I highly suggest going with Milwaukee is simply due to the fact that it is the most popular tool brand to use for electricians. By having the same brand, it’s easier to share batteries and chargers when you need to in a pinch. As someone that used to have Makita, I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to walk around forever and try to find the one other guy that uses that brand.

PRe-made tool kits

If you are buying tools for the first time, I highly recommend going with tool kits. By buying them in “bulk”, you will save a lot more money than trying to buy individually and you don’t have to stress about picking the correct tools.

Bare Minimums

Klein 14 Piece Tool Kit

If you’re looking for the absolutely bare necessities to get started as an electrical apprentice, this tool kit is perfect. It includes all your basic essential hand tools and screwdrivers, and even includes a half tool belt.

Be warned, you will find yourself in quick need of upgrading after this. But this will get you through your first few paychecks until you can invest more into your tool arsenal.

A solid collection

Klein 28 Piece Tool Kit + Milwaukee 2 Piece Combo Kit

These two kits are perfect for the new electrical apprentice. The Klein 28 piece tool kit gets you the Klein backpack and all the essential hand tools you will find yourself needing in the trade. The Milwaukee combo kit gets you the two basic power tools for any trade; a drill and an impact driver, along with batteries, a charger, and a carry bag.

The only thing missing from this collection would be a tool belt, which you can find my recommendations below.

Premium Tool Kits

Klein 41 Piece Tool Kit + Milwaukee 4 Piece Combo Kit

Never worry about having or missing a tool with these combo kits. The Klein 41 Piece Tool kit not only contains all the essentials, but more advanced tools like the conduit reamer to get you ready for building your first electric room!

This Milwaukee combo kit includes the same drill and impact but bigger batteries, a hackzall, a flashlight, a battery charger and a larger carry case.

This tool kit also is missing a tool belt, which can be a more personalized choice. See my recommendations by clicking below!

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