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Professionally recommended tool kits, specialty tools, boots, tool belts, and more!

28 Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Magnets, hidden earbuds, lasers, folding stools, telescoping mirrors, and much more! Click-batey? Yes. Useful? Also yes.

Top 5 Electrician’s Boots

Not all work boots are made the same, and your pick should depend on the trade you are in. Learn about my top picks for electricians based on their safety ratings and durability.

Tool Belt
Top 5 Electrician Tool Belts

Learn about the best electrician tool belts you will find on the market, the differences between them, and which is the best pick for you.

Starter Electrician Tool Kits
Starter Electrician Tool Kits

If you are entering the electrical trade, you need to make sure you show up with the right tools. See our professionally recommended tool kits that make choosing your tools easy, and affordable!

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