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If you are active duty military, reserves, or a veteran, you have extra resources at your disposal to help enroll into an electrical apprenticeship. There are three programs that are complimentary and allow you to earn extra money, get guaranteed admission into the union apprenticeship, and even have tools provided for you.

GI Bill

When you join an approved apprenticeship program , you qualify for your full GI Bill Benefits. These benefits can get you 100% of applicable housing allowance during the first 6 months of training, 80% the next 6 months, and so on until you get down to 20%. From here you will earn 20% of your housing allowance until you finish the apprenticeship program. An example of these benefits is provided, but yours may vary. You can use the GI Bill Comparison Tool to select your school and calculate your benefits.

Veterans Electrical Entry program

VETERAN’S Electrical ENtry PRogram

The Veteran’s Electrical Entry Program (VEEP) is designed by the Electrical Training Alliance to help veterans enter the electrical industry, which is currently under a major shortage of skilled labor. VEEP acts as a pre-apprenticeship program to prepare participants to succeed in the electrical trade. 

This pre-apprenticeship program offers an in person 7 week course in San Diego CA and Anchorage Alaska, or an online, self paced class. This course covers the Inside Wireman 1st year curriculum and a tech 1 math class, and upon completion you receive AUTOMATIC entry into the IBEW apprenticeship program. Graduating participants also receive complimentary tools from Milwaukee, giving you a head start on your tool list! VEEP will work with you on getting into your top apprenticeship location, making sure you stay close to home. VEEP partners with Helmets to Hardhats, so be sure to enroll with both programs. For more information about VEEP and to start the application process, click below.


Helmets to hardhats

Helmets to hardhat is a national non-profit organization that helps facilitate the transition for active duty service members, veterans, national guard, and reservists in the US and Canada to a life in the trades. Largely a web based platform, Helmets to Hardhats helps you find the trade you want to join and walks you through the steps to applying, testing, setting up your resume, and ultimately joining a trade apprenticeship.

For the electrical trade, H2H partners with the Electrical Training Alliance, which is the apprenticeship program for the IBEW. Although it does not guarantee you a spot in any apprenticeship, joining H2H will definitely increase your chances of getting into the IBEW apprenticeship, as they are partnered organizations. Click below to visit their website!

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