All the guides you need to start your career as an electrician. Step by step application guides, aptitude test prep, interview tips, state license exam prep, and on the job tips!

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Electrician

Learn everything about what an electrician does, their salary ranges, career advancements, how to join apprenticeship programs and more!

The Ultimate Guide To Joining The Electrical Training Alliance

A step by step guide to joining the IBEW’s apprenticeship program.

Clock and Test
Aptitude Test Preparation

Acing the aptitude test is vital to getting into an apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship Interview Tips

Learn how to join the IBEW no matter your current situation.

State Journeyman License Exam Tips

Ready to take your electrical state exam? Click below to learn tips on how to prepare!

How To Succeed Everyday On The Job

Now that you have begun working, learn job site etiquette and how to be the most valuable apprentice on the job!

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